She sights a Bird – she chuckles – A Cat Poem

She sights a Bird – she chuckles –
She flattens – then she crawls –
She runs without the look of feet –
Her eyes increase to Balls

Her Jaws stir – twitching – hungry
Her Teeth can hardly stand –
She leaps, but Robin leaped the first –
Ah, Pussy, of the Sand,

The Hopes so juicy ripening –
You almost bathed your Tongue –
When Bliss disclosed a hundred Toes –
And fled with every one

– Emily Dickinson

Dune (2021) – Film Review

I kept my fingers crossed for the new adaptation of Frank Herbert’ notoriously unfilmable sci-fi classic to succeed ever since watching the awe-inspiring trailer… and Denis Villeneuve’s bold, mesmerising epic doesn’t disappoint. I wish I could say this more often.

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The Way Home: Tales from a life without technology by Mark Boyle – Book Review

After reading this book I can safely say that I’m not cut out for a life without technology, but regardless, this memoir of a year lived without the basic modern conveniences and ubiquitous technological connections was a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

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Rashomon – Film Review

I finally got around to watching Akira Kurosawa’s groundbreaking and influential 1950 masterpiece about the nature of truth. Though many movies since have borrowed its unconventional narrative structure and the idea of multiple perspectives of the same event, the film still remains an effective and striking watch today.

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