books I’ve read lately

headerCMYKHoly Cow! by Sarah Macdonald

I’m usually not a huge fan of travel books – to me they can often feel like sitting through a stranger’s long tedious slideshow of What I Did on My Holiday. This author though spent some time actually living in the country, and India always fascinated me (and ok, I really liked the colourful book cover). I’ve been to India about nine years ago, and if I hadn’t travelled to Egypt a couple of years previously I’d probably have found it as much of a culture shock as Sarah did on her first trip. It leaves her absolutely hating India and she swears to never return again; however when her partner moves to India for work she follows him to New Delhi and tries to make a life there.

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Thank You for Discworld Terry

Terry Pratchett passed away today. I’ve known about his Alzheimer’s for years but despite everything I was always hoping he’d be with us for a while longer, certainly longer than 66 which is no age to die at all. And while Alzheimer’s is a tragedy for anyone, how much more cruel it is to happen to one of the sharpest, brightest minds in writing.

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The Imitation Game – Film Review

the_imitation_game_a_pI had a discount movie voucher to spend before the end of February, so I decided to see The Imitation Game, which had stuck around the local cinemas for what seems like ages now. Despite the good reviews, I’ve resisted seeing it for a number of reasons; one, it didn’t look particularly cinematic. Two, biopics these days have become something like a grown-up, Oscar-baiting version of comic book movies – there are zillions of them and most of them are terribly formulaic and/or mediocre. And three, as much as I like the guy, did I really want to see Benedict Cumberbatch play yet another socially clueless genius?

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