Month: March 2015

Artwork in Progress

After making my way through about 50 shades of grey fabric, the background is finally done! Mum’s dining table can now remain nice and clean while I work on the character figures.



books I’ve read lately

headerCMYKHoly Cow! by Sarah Macdonald

I’m usually not a huge fan of travel books – to me they can often feel like sitting through a stranger’s long tedious slideshow of What I Did on My Holiday. This author though spent some time actually living in the country, and India always fascinated me (and ok, I really liked the colourful book cover). I’ve been to India about nine years ago, and if I hadn’t travelled to Egypt a couple of years previously I’d probably have found it as much of a culture shock as Sarah did on her first trip. It leaves her absolutely hating India and she swears to never return again; however when her partner moves to India for work she follows him to New Delhi and tries to make a life there.


Thank You for Discworld Terry

Terry Pratchett passed away today. I’ve known about his Alzheimer’s for years but despite everything I was always hoping he’d be with us for a while longer, certainly longer than 66 which is no age to die at all. And while Alzheimer’s is a tragedy for anyone, how much more cruel it is to happen to one of the sharpest, brightest minds in writing.


The Imitation Game – Film Review

the_imitation_game_a_pI had a discount movie voucher to spend before the end of February, so I decided to see The Imitation Game, which had stuck around the local cinemas for what seems like ages now. Despite the good reviews, I’ve resisted seeing it for a number of reasons; one, it didn’t look particularly cinematic. Two, biopics these days have become something like a grown-up, Oscar-baiting version of comic book movies – there are zillions of them and most of them are terribly formulaic and/or mediocre. And three, as much as I like the guy, did I really want to see Benedict Cumberbatch play yet another socially clueless genius?