Ultima VII: The Black Gate – Post-Game Fun

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You haven’t truly played The Black Gate until you’ve built your own house out of crates, so I decided to build Avatar his own bachelor pad. Problem is, there’s just not enough materials lying around Britannia for anything impressive, so I thought I’d take over one of the many empty houses scattered on New Magincia, and build an extension.

This house was the most attractive of the lot, with a nice blue tiled floor and a prime location near the beach and the circle of stones where the Moongate used to be:

Next step was to fly around Britannia collecting crates and pieces of wood. Flying carpet is absolutely priceless; I tried to do similar fun projects in Serpent Isle where you actually have a greater variety of objects to play with, but I always gave up because carrying stuff around the world without an easy mean of transportation is just painful.

I then spent some time raising the walls and the roof, one row at a time. Once you have the intersecting beams in place, you can take all the middle crates and beams out and the roof will stay put. Despite being a repetitive task, it was oddly therapeutic, taking me back to my childhood when I’d spend ages constructing a house out of the building blocks.

So that’s the basic shape of the house finished and I now doubled my living area.

Now on to the most fun part – decorating! I modified the outer wall slightly to make a window, and built an outside deck with a flower garden you could chill at in the evenings. I stole a cannon from the Serpent’s Hold and decorated the roof with the pieces from Nicodemus’ Knight’s Bridge game.

Inside, I split the house into a bedroom and kitchen/dining area; the bed is made from the crates and a bedroll and took me forever to figure out how to do right. It was handy to find out that you can put two wooden planks across two chests, all of the tables and the cooking bench were done this way. Avatar is also well-stocked with booze.

I’ve rearranged the nearby circle of stones into a romantic spa area and the cauldron from Alagner’s house is now a soaking tub.

To celebrate my new house, I threw a small beach party for all of my friends:

…yet retiring to a quiet island life didn’t feel quite right. I felt like I should adopt some social cause and make a stand. The sad state of the Lock Lake is truly dispiriting, so I thought I should take things directly to Lord British.

What do we want? A clean lake! When do we want it? Now! See how you like it LB!

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