Nastassia’s Lament

He left me burning with disease
That spells and potions cannot heal,
And in my life there was a void
No other man could ever fill.

I mourn my youth and curse the day
He poisoned me with a tender kiss,
Yet I don’t wish my wounds away,
For it’s the pain that brings me bliss.

I wish my foe was flesh and blood,
A lovely face that I could hate;
A mortal rival I would thwart,
But how can I compete with Fate?

Frail human voice cannot defeat
The brutal songs of turquoise sea;
Forever lady of his heart,
Britannia stole my love from me.

Time’s turned my hair to ashen silk,
My day has faded, so has morn.
But in the twilight of my life,
I can’t cease praying for his return.

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