Ultima VII: The Black Gate – Day 9

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Meditation Retreat

There wasn’t much point to the gate barring the potential intruders when you can just land your magic carpet wherever, but since I went to the trouble of joining the Fellowship I entered the Retreat in a civilised way, with the key given to the members.

Inside the cave, I talked to Gorn, the heavily accented warrior from another world who claims to perform deeds in honour of Brom. I could never figure out if Gorn came from one of the worlds under the Guardian’s dominion where he’s just called differently, or if the Guardian simply poses as Brom when he speaks inside Gorn’s mind. Either way, Gorn shuts down the conversation when the Guardian/Brom tells him not to trust me. I also met and ended up killing a female warrior with the fanciful name of Iriale Silvermist, who as far as I can remember is the only owner of a last name in the game where everyone seems to go by their first.

The Cube was emitting terrible ear-splitting noise like Mariah Carey’s upper register, so according to Time Lord I had to fashion myself a helmet from Caddellite, rare material found in a meteor.


In Ambrosia, I met Kissme, a very excitable fairy whose job is to sprinkle love dust, speak exclusively with exclamation points, and constantly proclaim love for the first stranger she meets. She’s also quite naked, but I guess naked women aren’t a novelty to Spark by this point. Iolo, Shamino and Spark seemed to be quite taken with Kissme, but Dupre, the hard-headed realist, would have none of it.

Against my better judgement, I did allow Kissme to kiss Avatar, which from the description sounds like the least erotic experience imaginable.

To my annoyance, the Great Light spell wasn’t working inside the cavern, and I had no torches. Solution was to load another game, cast Great Light, then reload the Ambrosia game with the light already active. Weird bug, but it works to my advantage so I can’t complain.

I’ve always had a big soft spot for the amusing three-headed Hydra guarding the Caddellite, so I would always feed them a sleeping potion and sneak past.

It was too late at night for the Minoc blacksmith to make me the Caddellite helmet, so with the spare time on my hands I explored the abandoned mine north of the city, which had nothing much except a dead cat and a few vials of venom. I also checked out the dungeon in the mountain range west of Minoc, with the weird layout that made me think of either prison or army barracks. Lots of doors, cell-like rooms and a giant dining room. Again, nothing exciting in terms of loot; it’s too late in the game to get excited over a plate armour.

With my new shiny blue helmet, I was all good to go inside the Cube. The defense mechanism of the Cube is easily the most annoying of the lot, with the shooting traps, fields of fire and the Guardian’s taunting. Also, magic doesn’t work there so you better come inside the Cube with some healing potions.

After the last generator is destroyed, Time Lord the drama queen appears and tells you to go to Buccaneer’s Den pronto to suss out the location of The Black Gate. I however decided to go around Britannia and have fun with the Cube forcing the Fellowship cronies to speak the truth. Unfortunately it’s not possible to make the Moonglow leader confess to the murder of his clerk, and Batlin does a runner as soon as he spies the Cube in your hands, but the leaders in Minoc and Trinsic happily chatted about the Fellowship murders.

I also tied up the loose ends, like rescuing Lady Tory’s baby from the nest of harpies near Trinsic, and I tried unsuccessfully to set Arcadion on the Ferryman of Skara Brae. The daemon overall is pretty useless; either he sniffs that the intended victim is too insignificant for him to bother, or he backs away because they’re beyond his power.

Buccaneer’s Den

I arrived at the Den in the evening, which could only mean one thing: a visit to the Baths! The Black Gate can surely wait. Despite the manager’s reservations over Spark’s age, the gang was allowed inside.

I ended up with the blond hostess who professed to be the only one not stealing money from the clients. Not sure what the companions do while Avatar is taken care of; do they all sit in the waiting room reading magazines and try not to meet each other’s eyes?

I also visited the House of Games, where, thanks to the Cube, Sintag the guard gives you the key to the secret passages. I forgot that you had to wear your Fellowship medallion to win at games, so I ended up losing money on the rat race.

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