dragonheart2I’ve been a fan of Ultima series of role-playing games for a very long time, ever since my Dad came back from a business trip to Moscow when I was 13 or so, and brought back a copy of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. I played it non-stop with my English-Russian dictionary in hand; even though these days I barely ever play computer games anymore, I revisit Ultima VII and VIII every two-three years or so and that world still has a huge sentimental value for me. It’s also pretty much the only fandom I’ve been creative about, though I’ve loved many other fictional realms and been a part of a few fandoms ever since. I thought I’d resurrect some of my old output here.

Ultima Fan Art

and some fan fiction:

Avatar’s Pagan Journal – U8 parody

New Year’s Night in Britannia

Nastassia’s Lamentwritten when I was younger and found this sort of thing romantic. But it does rather fit the mood of love stories in Ultima.

Travel Britannia brochuresNEW! Serpent Isle, Pagan and Britannia travel brochures out now!

Blogging Avatar I play and blog my way through Ultima VII and VIII.

Ultima VII LegoVarious silly things I built in Ultima VII: The Black Gate


  1. Your Ultima bits are amazing, I love the Travel Britannia bits. I always used to wish i could enter the world of Britannia


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