I’ve been a fan of Ultima series of role-playing games for a very long time, ever since my Dad came back from a business trip to Moscow when I was 13 or so, and brought back a copy of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. I played it non-stop with my English-Russian dictionary in hand; even though these days I barely ever play computer games anymore, I revisit Ultima VII and VIII every few years or so. It still has a huge sentimental value for me.

On this page, I resurrected some of the fan art and fanfiction from my old Ultima site. There are also a couple of more recent projects, including a blog dedicated to The Black Gate, Serpent Isle and Pagan, and a series of travel brochures I designed for fun.

Blogging Avatar
I play and blog my way through Ultima VII & VIII

Ultima VII Lego
Various silly things I built in Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Fan Art

Travel Britannia Brochures
Serpent Isle, Pagan and Britannia travel brochures out now!

Ultima Fan Art
Drawings & posters


Avatar’s Pagan Journal
Ultima VIII: Pagan parody

New Year’s Night in Britannia
A parody of the famous ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem

Nastassia’s Lament
Written from Nastassia’s point of view many years after The Black Gate

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