Ultima VII: Serpent Isle – Day 4

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Goblin Camp

After I passed the underground tunnels, I decided to follow Templar’s advice and had a snooze ready to attack the camp at dawn when the goblins are asleep in their huts.

My tactic at the camp is usually to comb through the smaller dwellings first and find the sleeping potion, which I later feed to Pomdirgun since he’s a hardy bastard. One of the huts has a black Fellowship medallion; I honestly can’t imagine under what circumstances it could have ended up in the goblin valley.

“I could use a little food” was a pretty ill-timed complaint from my companions, considering the scenery:

While human BBQ is apparently ok, everyone starts throwing up when you walk into a room with the Pikemen bodies. I wonder if the female body belongs to Astrid, the former Champion Knight, who was taken during the ambush at Fawn Tower. I would at least give her a proper Knight burial.

I love how the theme for Pomdirgun’s hut is the same cutesy tune used in TBG for the Emps. Because there’s no difference between the two species at all!

Just before the fight commenced, Pomdirgun asked me if I ate Simon. His disgusted reaction if you answer affirmatively is rather hypocritical if you ask me.

I released some random Pikeman from his cell and he followed me back into the tunnels where I found the Helm of Courage and the incriminating correspondence between Pomdirgun, Spektor and Marsten. If I remember right the Pikeman never makes it back and dies from heart attack or something, but I never got to that part because I got killed by goblins and the resurrection saved me a long walk back to Monitor.

I turned in the evidence of treachery to Brendann, who had Spektor and Marsten arrested. So Marsten’s plan was to turn Wolves and Bears against each other so that Leopards could seize control of the city, and then the new secret weapon of explosive powder was meant to take care of the goblin problem. What about after, did he plan to permanently disband the other two commands? Spektor confesses to stealing from the treasury; after chatting with Lucilla I got the key to the secret door behind the mountain containing the stolen funds and Cantra’s father’s body. I can put the city funds to the better use of saving the world.

Before heading off to Sleeping Bull Inn, I explored the area north of Monitor and found an abandoned castle with apparently no history whatsoever. Just lots of dead plants and fountains.

Sleeping Bull

The Inn of the Sleeping Bull is one of my favourite locations in the game; it feels like a kind of big solid cosy inn I would have loved to stay at for real. Plus the guests are a fun random bunch who normally would have absolutely nothing in common with each other. There’s Miggim the Xenkan Monk; Byrin the minstrel who can perform a few plot-related songs, including a tale of two kings that triggers bad memories for Shamino; Ensorcio the exiled mage from Moonshade and a drama queen to boot; Flindo the wealthy merchant; and Kane, a simple-minded shepherd with a parrot who is so obviously his brother Edrin.

There’s also Selina. I don’t know if it’s the hair or the pearls, but her portrait always made me feel like she should be a villain on some daytime soap like The Bold and the Beautiful:

The magic music player is fun; everyone is sick of Stones but it’s still preferrable to the Sea Shanty. I also found a book of Devra’s recipes which I might actually try for real; Teatime Tassies look pretty nice. I exchanged Devra’s slippers for my swamp boots so that’s another item off the list. If I recall right you never get to solve the disappearance of her husband, even though I seem to remember a mention of a love note addressed to Devra in the game’s usecode that I presume you would find on Angus’ body somewhere.

I investigated the cellar and found the map and key to Silverpate’s treasure in the north, as well as the map to the Dark Path, the Serpent Gate network, which is pretty pointless considering that it has no marked locations. Every time I replay Serpent Isle, I end up drawing my own map, and thinking, I should really save this map somewhere for the next time.

Went to the Bull Tower to negotiate the release of Captain Hawk, but my 783 Monetari wasn’t enough for the greedy bastards, so I took Selina’s offer to travel to the former site of the lighthouse for treasure. I bypassed the house with the Hierophant of Chaos but didn’t stop for a chat. The mysterious building turned out to be Britannia’s Royal Mint, which is now full of monsters and psychedelic special effects. On the way back, Selina abandoned me to get slaughtered by a bunch of hired assassins, overall a pretty poor attempt at ambush.

I thought I’d explore the coast more before heading to Moonshade, and found a staircase in the ground leading to a room with a secret underground tunnel full of nagas, which in turn leads to this rather modern-looking place:

I gave the antique armour and the viking helmet to Iolo, who now looks… well a bit ridiculous actually, but I appreciate an opportunity to wear something different.

Back at the Bull Tower, the Pikemen went gaga over a single bar of gold, and finally released Hawk, who agreed to sail to Moonshade.

By the way, why does the sail of Hawk’s ship bear the ankh symbol? Didn’t the Serpent Isle folk’s ancestors all leave in protest at the time of the formation of Britannia and the virtues? What significance would the emblem of Avatar and the virtues have for them? Or did he just pick it because he thought it looked pretty?

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