Ultima VII: Serpent Isle – Day 3

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I can’t believe I missed the turn to Fawn on the previous day when it’s so clearly marked. I freed the Fawn Tower from the Goblins, and visited the Fellowship party camped outside the city, where, happy happy joy joy, I got to endure more of the Fellowship philosophy claptrap from Leon.

He is however rather earnest and adorable; I quite like the fact that he’s a Fellowship leader who doesn’t turn out to be evil in this game. I gave Ruggs Delphynia’s reply letter, and earned a map of the Serpent Isle for my troubles from Ruggs’ shipmate Scots. Yesss no more feeling lost and helpless.

The tidbit from Scots about Gwenno transporting a black obelisk for the Fellowship, which Batlin used later to enter the Serpent Isle, is intriguing. Batlin and the Guardian obviously put quite a lot of thought into this back-up plan in case Avatar ruined the Black Gate thing.

Fawn storyline is probably the least interesting one in the game; it mostly consists of you clicking your way through the set pieces and you don’t feel like you’ve actually done much. There are no surprises since the schemers and the corruption of the Oracle are so obvious right from the start. Voldin and Kylista look guilty, and voila, they are! There’s also no reason to ever come back to Fawn until the plot point much later in the game demands it; the provisions shop is the only service in town and you can find one in Monitor and Moonshade. But it is a very pretty place for sure, with all that white marble, canals and flowers. If it existed in real life, it would probably be like a beautiful Mediterranean city and a total tourist trap.

I was met at the city gate by Alyssand, who for some reason decides to entrust the secrets of her cause to liberate Fawn to a complete stranger. I wish there was a way to ruin her youthful idealism and reveal the truth about the Fellowship. She also gave me my magic gauntlets that got swapped with her engagement ring, and I found my magic armour at Kylista’s place.

I can’t remember what it’s like to experience Fawn as the male Avatar, but there probably wouldn’t be as much of the condescending ooooh mustn’t upset the delicate lady undercurrent in the interactions with the locals.

After the unsuccessful assassination attempt by one of Batlin’s men, I got an audience with Lady Yelinda… because she was moved by Iolo’s sappy song and not because we freed the Fawn Tower and saved the city from the Goblin stewpots. That’s some weird sense of priorities, but I guess it figures in a city that prizes Beauty first and most. Iolo receives White Diamond Necklace, which I think he never actually ends up giving to Gwenno. Then during the toasting Dupre stupidly hails Lord British and shit hits the fan.

Dupre is carted off to prison and must stand trial. The trial is mostly a passive experience but it’s still heaps of fun, with Voldin twisting every testimony to make Dupre look like evil and depravity incarnate. Delin, Alyssand’s confused father, is also good value:

After the trial, I talked to Alyssand who gave me the key for the hidden parts of the Temple. It’s a nice touch that many locals wouldn’t talk to you in the middle of the trial and call you the pawn of Beast British and suchlike. You catch Voldin messing with the levers that control the Oracle, kill him, then instruct the Oracle to speak the truth. Easy-peasy. I think once I tried to play through the trial with the Oracle programmed to deliver the guilty verdict, but then it’s anticlimactic when the criminals get discovered anyway.

The next day was dedicated to the defense, where Olon the drunk and depressed sailor is a total star witness and scandalises the polite society with a bawdy song:

The Oracle declares the truth, Kylista is jailed, Dupre is freed and Lady Yelinda gives him the Crystal Rose of Love. Now it’s time to get ugly and get the hands dirty and attack the Goblin camp.

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