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I haven’t played an Ultima game in over five years, and I thought it would be fun to combine my two hobbies and blog about it at the same time, like a few people have done over the years. Some of them I believe played and blogged their way through everything Ultima, but I’m not anywhere as ambitious and will limit myself to re-visiting Ultima VII and VIII only. I could in theory do Ascension as well, but I suspect it would result in basically a hateplay, and while snark and negativity can be highly entertaining I’d just rather blog about the games I love. Hopefully I can update this Ultima blog every week.

Day 1 – Trinsic, Paws and Britain; talking, stealing and baking
Day 2 – Cove and Jhelom
Day 3 – That bloody business in Minoc; Yew
Day 4 – Emps, Wisps and dragons
Day 5 – New Magincia and Skara Brae; I see dead people
Day 6 – Dungeon Despise and Moonglow
Day 7 – Serpent’s Hold, Terfin, Spektran and Dungeon Deceit
Day 8 – Isle of Fire, how to kill Lord British, Vesper