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I haven’t played an Ultima game in over five years, and I thought it would be fun to combine my two hobbies and blog about it at the same time, like a few people have done over the years. Some of them I believe played and blogged their way through everything Ultima, but I’m not anywhere as ambitious and will limit myself to re-visiting Ultima VII and VIII only. I could in theory do Ascension as well, but I suspect it would result in basically a hateplay, and while snark and negativity can be highly entertaining I’d just rather blog about the games I love. Hopefully I can update this Ultima blog every week.

Day 1Trinsic, Paws and Britain; talking, stealing and baking
Day 2Cove and Jhelom
Day 3That bloody business in Minoc; Yew
Day 4Emps, Wisps and dragons
Day 5New Magincia and Skara Brae; I see dead people
Day 6Dungeon Despise and Moonglow
Day 7Serpent’s Hold, Terfin, Spektran and Dungeon Deceit
Day 8Isle of Fire, how to kill Lord British, Vesper
Day 9Meditation Retreat, Ambrosia, the Baths
Day 10Buccaneer’s Den, the Isle of the Avatar, the end
Post-game funAvatar builds a bachelor pad and stages an environmental protest

Day 1Monitor; you’re nobody ’til somebody knights you
Day 2Still in Monitor: scandals, secrets and betrayals
Day 3Fawn
Day 4Goblin camp, the Inn of the Sleeping Bull
Day 5Moonshade, Mad Mage Isle
Day 6Monk Isle, the Last Temptation of Avatar, Mountains of Freedom
Day 7Experiments in Moonshade, Furnace
Day 8Gorlab Swamp, the Great Northern Forest, one angry ex
Day 9Skullcrusher, Spinebreaker, the hunt for Batlin is over and everybody dies
Day 10Gwani Death Temple, post-apocalyptic Moonshade, Temple of Discipline
Day 11Ophidian temples, The Castle of the White Dragon; the gang is back together
Day 12The Silver Seed
Day 13Isle of Crypts, the last serpent tooth, the sacrifice
Day 14The Shrine of Chaos, Sunrise Isle, the end

Day 1 Tenebrae
Day 2the Plateau, Necromancy
Day 3the Catacombs, Lithos
Day 4Zealan shrine, change of government, side quests
Day 5Argentrock Isle, Stratos, Hydros
Day 6Sorcery
Day 7Obelisk fragments, the Ethereal Plane, the end