Murder in the Mews by Agatha Christie – Book Review

Murder, stolen plans, locked room mystery and a menage a trois. Hercule Poirot is faced with four mystifying cases in what is by far the strongest and most re-readable collection of Christie’s short stories.

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Cat Devouring a Bird by Pablo Picasso

When I look at my cat I see a cute, cuddly, adorable creature. When birds and small mammals look at cats, they probably see something like this nightmarish vision from Picasso’s 1939 painting, likely inspired by the violence of the Spanish Civil War.

It seems that Picasso wasn’t a big fan of the pampered domestic fluff balls:

I hate pure-bred cats that purr on the pillow in the living room. I like feral cats that hunt birds, scamper around the streets like crazy, drag everything they get. They look at you with wild eyes ready to scratch your face.