New Music 07/2021 – Fanny Lumsden, Carpenters, Mozart

It’s been a while since I got some new music, but now I’ve discovered a sublime album from an Australian country singer-songwriter; one of the greatest female pop vocalists of all time; and a Greatest Hits collection from some Austrian guy.

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New Music 01/2016 – Sarah Blasko, John Grant

Sarah Blasko Eternal Return

Sarah Blasko’s musical output over the years has been remarkably consistent and she’s not about to trip over with her fifth album – this one a tad more pop orientated and synth-heavy, with 80s flavour to some of the songs. Quality listen and solid songwriting from start to finish. I can’t say I’ve ever been emotionally moved by her music – even at her most confessional there’s just something chilly and distant about it all – but there’s definitely something very beguiling about her and her raspy-yet-ethereal voice.

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New Music 06/2015 – Chet Faker, Courtney Barnett

I should have had this blog years ago, when I was buying up to five albums a week sometimes and my CD collection ballooned over 900. Since then, I cut down my collection by about a third, and got much more selective about my purchases. By a coincidence, the last two I got are both by Australian artists.

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