Courtney Barnett

New Music 07/2018 – Fever Ray, Courtney Barnett

Second solo albums by two of my favourites, which mostly avoid the dreaded second album curse.



New Music 12/2017 – Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Agnes Obel

Warm and laid-back transcontinental collaboration between two talented musicians who can’t find a comb between the two of them; more sad Scandinavian gorgeousness from the Danish songstress.


New Music 06/2015 – Chet Faker, Courtney Barnett

I should have had this blog years ago, when I was buying up to five albums a week sometimes and my CD collection ballooned over 900. Since then, I cut down my collection by about a third, and got much more selective about my purchases. By a coincidence, the last two I got are both by Australian artists.