Tom Cruise

Eyes Wide Shut – Film Review

I’ve rewatched The Shining recently and went to the Astor Theatre with a friend to see 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I kept Stanley Kubrick theme going and revisited his last movie made with pre-divorce Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.



Edge of Tomorrow – Film Review

I finally watched the DVD I bought on sale almost three years ago. This is why I prefer to rent movies – if I have a fixed deadline ahead I’ll make time to watch them rather than procrastinate and let the box collect dust. There are just way too many other distractions around. I’m glad I freed it from the plastic wrapping, because the movie was a blast. Like Oblivion, that other Tom Cruise sci-fi film from the recent years, Edge of Tomorrow steals from the best in the genre, but unlike Oblivion it feels genuinely like its own beast. And it’s heaps of fun.