New Music 07/2021 – Fanny Lumsden, Carpenters, Mozart

It’s been a while since I got some new music, but now I’ve discovered a sublime album from an Australian country singer-songwriter; one of the greatest female pop vocalists of all time; and a Greatest Hits collection from some Austrian guy.

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Snobs by Julian Fellowes – Book Review

Sometimes your pleasure of reading a book is greatly enhanced by the book just before it. Since my previous read didn’t offer much in the way of stylish or witty prose, I positively drank up this delicious, sharply observed novel of modern manners about the insular world of English upper classes and those anxious to gain a membership.

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The Cat of Kazan

One of my favourite cat-related pieces of art is this famous Russian “lubok” print from the 18th century, which may or may not be a satire of Peter the Great. I’ve loved it since childhood, but thanks to the Ye Olde Russian text I never realised that it is in fact a tad rude. It translates something like:

The Cat of Kazan, mind of Astrakhan, reason of Siberia,
he lived sweet, ate sweet, and farted sweet