Emma Stone

La La Land – Film Review

la-la-landHi I’m a joyless McKilljoy who thought that La La Land was just ok.

I should probably preface it by saying that I’m not the biggest lover of musicals, an odd Chicago or Grease aside, and the old-school musicals in particular leave me cold, so a modern-day homage to the musicals of the 40s and 50s was never going to be an automatic sell for me. But I can still appreciate those older movies’ earnest, unabashed romanticism and I can hum an odd tune or two from many of them, whereas I found the music in La La Land instantly forgettable save for the low-key main theme with its simple but catchy piano riff. Also, while Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both gorgeous and have a genuinely great chemistry, as singers they don’t rise above adequate. It’s a bit ironic that my favourite musical moment of the film happens when Gosling’s character is performing with his sellout pop-jazz band and the movie hands the microphone to John Legend, who can well and truly sing.