Saoirse Ronan

Lady Bird – Film Review

There’s been a few excellent coming-of-age films in the last couple of years, and Lady Bird is another worthy, insightful addition. Written and directed by Greta Gerwig, it follows an eventful year in the life of a teenage girl growing up in Sacramento, California.



Brooklyn – Film Review

MTM0MTYyMzA4OTYzMjc2MDUwI guess I can just get all the adjectives to describe Brooklyn right out of the way: charming, heartfelt, sincere, sweet, warm, unpretentious, lovely, old-fashioned, gentle. Whether it deserved its recent Best Picture Oscar nomination is debatable – it’s more of a filler to make up the numbers than a serious contender – but there’s no denying its modest appeal. It’s a kind of movie that could so easily have tipped into the sugary Nicholas Sparks territory if it wasn’t for the perfectly judged tone and a sensitive, accomplished turn from Saoirse Ronan (she of the Gaelic first name with an enchanting spelling and pronounciation that’s impossible to guess for those not in the know – I had to ask my Irish friend to clear that up. It’s Seer-sha. Honestly how are you supposed to deduce that?)