Finally starting a new artwork

It took me two years to complete my previous artwork, and though I was very proud of the result the amount of detail and effort I put into it was pretty draining. So after a year’s break from all things fabric I’m finally starting a new one. This one was requested by my Mum, who asked for a nautical theme with a sail boat. A straightforward image of a sail boat would be a bit boring, not to mention hard to simplify, so I found this blocky cubist-style image as an inspiration that could be fun to execute with fabric:

Mum wasn’t a big fan of the pink sky, so when drawing up the template in Illustrator I changed the sky to blue hues instead. I think it still has that fresh summery feel about it.

Compared to the previous artwork this should be a breeze. However it will be interesting to work at Mum’s big dining table with the new cat hanging about. Our old cat had been shooed off from jumping on the table, but Geralt is a lot more spoilt and will probably want to get his artistic input in.

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