New Music 01/2018 – The Kills, Richard Dawson

Catching up with the old alt-rock favourites; an avant-garde prog-folk concept album about the 6th century Anglo-Saxon kingdom… no really that’s what the album is about.



My brother’s PAX costume

Proving that spending hours on a detailed, time-consuming project is a family trait, here’s the amazing costume my brother made for the PAX gaming convention in Melbourne. And when I say “made”, I really mean it: he started out with a giant piece of leather (which he thinned down and dyed), a chain sheet and a pile of accessories, so other than boots, pants and gloves, he made everything himself, from the main breastplate down to the belts. The tunic was courtesy of Mum’s sewing skills.

Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut – Film Review

abf5tKq5Just like Prometheus, Kingdom of Heaven is another Ridley Scott film I really enjoy despite its many problems. This extended cut doesn’t fix the core issues I have, but it’s still a far more satisfying experience than the horribly rushed theatrical cut.