Lockdown Photography Project: Look Closer

It’s safe to say that my travel options are severely limited right now, what with Australia’s international and state borders slammed shut and Melbourne suffering through Lockdown: Part II (a bigger but not better sequel nobody asked for). But who said that you can’t play tourist in your own neighbourhood?

I thought it would be fun to pay a closer attention to my immediate area during my daily one hour walks, and capture whatever caught my eye. This would be easy if I lived in some funky hipster northern suburb, but while my local area is a very pleasant place to live, broadly speaking it’s about as edgy as vanilla milkshake. So finding small pockets of colourful and quirky was definitely a challenge, especially when I decided to limit my scope to the area within my walking distance.

I probably drove past this mural triptych a thousand times and never really noticed it before!

I always love walking past this house – it looks like a touch of Bali in Aussie suburbia

The princess on a rubbish heap

Peppa Pig in a tree… because why not?

Don’t even know what’s going on here… A kitchen utensils party?

I only noticed this sign when I accidentally looked up, so I’m not sure if it’s getting the message across

I guess somebody really loved their car and left half of it as a memento?

This fence doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you see bright colours so rarely in my suburb, the vivid blue feels positively shocking

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