Phillip Island and Cape Woolamai

I’ve been to Phillip Island almost every year for the last 26 years, and never knew that this beautiful nook existed.

Most of our trips through the years were short day trips in summer for beach and bodyboarding, which didn’t really leave much time or energy for anything else. This time though I aimed to stay overnight on the island and do a walking trail, and the Cape Woolamai Circuit was the top pick on the AllTrails app, deservedly so as it turned out. I originally had planned a weekend getaway to Phillip Island before the last Melbourne lockdown, but I honestly can’t imagine having a better time four months ago. The sunny but not overly hot weather and the wildflower season made for probably the best time to do this walk.

I couldn’t resist going back to the Nobbies boardwalk, which is just too spectacular to skip. Every time I’m there I tell myself that I already have enough photos of the place, but this never stops me from taking yet more photos.

The grey Cape Barren geese who inhabit this corner of the island seem to get more and more blasé and shameless with every year. If you come across the geese blocking the road while driving, they ignore your honking and you have to get close enough to almost squash them before they deign to slowly waddle off.

Last time I went to the Nobbies I also discovered this nice secluded rocky beach where you’re not likely to meet another living soul.

I spent the rest of Saturday chilling in Cowes, the main town on Phillip Island. It was full of families with kids and groups of young people out for good times, so I was glad to avoid noisy neighbours in my accommodation, a small and quiet villa run by a couple of old ladies. But the sight of holidaying crowds milling about definitely puts you in a holiday mode.

The next day was the sort of confusing Melbourne day when you don’t know whether to put on a parka or a T-shirt, however I was happy to have clear skies and bright sun for the second day in a row. The Cape Woolamai Circuit turned out to be a 2.5 hour trail which alternated between walking on the beach and on a path along the coast, and perfect for people who aren’t too fond of going uphill. I was completely unprepared though for just how beautiful it was, with wildflowers, beaches and rock formations along the way.

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