Bright & Mount Buffalo

A weekend trip to the alpine region of Victoria, to re-visit an old favourite and see something new. And pick mushrooms!

Bright is a lovely and super-popular holiday town that looks at its most stunning in autumn, when its many European trees turn red and gold. It’s also a base for exploring the nearby mountain peaks and ski resorts, so this time around, we thought we’d venture out to the Mount Buffalo National Park.

Originally we had booked accommodation in Bright, but that fell through when we realised that we weren’t getting a long Anzac Day weekend like we’d assumed… boo! Because of this hasty change of plans, we ended up staying in Harrietville, a small town close to Bright that boasts similar kind of gorgeous autumn scenery.

A highlight of Harrietville was a genuinely great meal at the Snowline Hotel where we stayed; imagine expecting your typical greasy pub fare and instead being treated to a top-quality dinner packed with flavour. Another unexpected highlight was a nearby pine tree grove where I discovered plenty of seasonal pine mushrooms. There’s something deeply satisfying about coming home and cooking things you’ve harvested while out in nature.

Our first activity in the Mount Buffalo National Park was a hike to the Rollasons Falls. Unfortunately it was too cold for a dip in the pool, but the scenery at the upper and lower falls was nice regardless. The only downside was that, contrary to the descriptions promising a challenging section at the very end of the hike, in reality more than half of the walk was relentlessly steep and uneven. Afterwards, we took an opportunity to catch our breath at the Mount Buffalo Lookout, which offers a truly awe-inspiring (if somewhat unnerving) view. There was even a little van for a quick bite and coffee.

With the more active part of the program over, we spent the rest of the weekend in Bright browsing shops and enjoying the slice of the northern hemisphere. I’m never thrilled about winter months coming, but the beauty of autumn almost makes it worth it.

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