I did Myers-Briggs personality test

Apparently I’m an INTJ. You of course have to take this sort of thing with a grain of salt, but overall I found the description pretty accurate.

I don’t feel like writing up a dry explanation of the type, so here’s a list of the things INTJs dislike I found on another website that I liked and related to a lot:

Mistakes (from themselves), small talk, repeating same thing over and over again (which can make dating such a chore), feeling guilty for procrastinating, having overly high standards for yourself, working without clear goal, people who force others to accept their views and opinions, illogical presumptions, alone time interruptions, when people are chronically late, incompetent authority, being touched by strangers, receiving phone calls and talking on the phone in general, unnecessary rules, when people ask for an opinion and get offended by it, conflicts instead of logical arguing, unoptimized systems, invasions of privacy, random people, social awkward situations, crowded places, inconsistency, irrationality, surprises.

I came up particularly strongly on the I and J, which stand for Introversion and Judging (meaning preference for structure and plans). Yep I don’t deal well with spontaneity unless I’m on a holiday and my brain setting is “relax and go with the flow”. Usually, when a friend or family member calls me up and offers to do something on a very short notice, I always have to overcome reluctance even when I know perfectly well that in the end I’ll enjoy myself.

Also, INTJs are the most likely personality type to answer honestly when their friend asks “How do I look?” Sadly it seems I have missed my chance to make $$$$$ in law or neurosurgery or other lucrative areas which INTJs are supposed to excel in. That pesky artistic side ruined everything!

I was also curious to read up more on the INTJ women, who are one of the rarest gender/type combinations (while INFJ, the “feeler” counterpart to INTJ, is the rarest male type). Some descriptions and personal experiences I could very much agree with (small circle of friends, disinterest in having children, direct and to-the-point communication style, frequently unable to relate to more typical girly girls); on the other hand I very much enjoy fashion, hair, shopping and trashy TV shows.

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